SysSon Release Workshop

Release Workshop with three template sonifications

A workshop on using the SysSon software (in Vs. 1.7.3) was given at Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change in November 2015. The software was introduced by the examples of the template sonifications (a tour of plots, sounds, and videos of the templates is here):

  • Augmented Audification: (Download and description; Example Sounds)

    The sonification targets one-dimensional data. It can be played directly as so-called "audification", using a normally high sampling rate (in the order of several thousand samples per second), or zoom into a region of the data set with a pitch shift and modulation, leading to an "auditory graph".

    You may find details on the sound synthesis in this paper.

  • Resonant Rain: (Download and description; Example Sounds)
    This sonification model produces an overall sound texture based on two different but synchronised (time wise) variables. It was created for data centred around zero, i.e. anomaly data. The sound is that of a rain with resonant frequencies, whereby one variable controls the rain texture and the other controls the type of resonances.

  • Pitch Layers: (Download and description; Example Sounds)

    This sonification targets anomaly data with at least two dimensions (e.g., time and height levels). The variable is considered symmetrical around a threshold, for example zero for anomaly data. The variable's magnitude is used to define the amplitude (volume) of each sound component. Sound components are sine oscillators whose frequency depends on the signum of the variable and the layer.


SysSon is now installed on the server of Wegener Center. It is freely downloadable here.